When you say Ruby, you say Rails. When you say Groovy, you say unit-tests, scripting and integration. Well that might be over-acted, but that's what most people make of it.
Some people remark Scala is best-suited for backend-code, or very good at parallel code, but apart from that I've never heard that Scala is the language for the Lift framework. Or the language to use when you want to create multi-threaded code. What I hear mostly, Scala is the new Java.
Would that be true: could you use Scala as a dropin replacement for Java, as, let's say, a Java 2.0 or Java 8?

In the coming postings I want to investigate that claim using my knowledge of experience in Java/J2EE and my complete lack of experience in Scala. Can you say to you're developers, or yourself, from this day on, we'll use Scala instead of Java to do our development?

For now, I found this nice presentation I want to share: Introduction To Scala For Java Developers by Miles Sabin.