A few months ago I got a twitter ad for a service that would you help deploying mobile applications to each platforms store, market or portal. Having some experience on the minor hassle to get anything on the Play store or Appstore, ship.io seems to be a valuable service. So I signed up. This morning I received a surprising mail ship.io is shutting down. I didn’t have the time yet to try out the service, having no mobile apps I needed to deliver. You could say that I was lucky not to use their service yet, but on the other hand, creating build-scripts to deliver apps isn’t that hard, considering that you need to create build-scripts anyway. Maybe that was ship.io’s problem. The value they could deliver wasn’t as high as it seems at first sight. But as said, I didn’t had time yet to try them out, and now that’s too late. Random picture on the internet, schipbreuk (c) anp