SQL Performance

2014-02-27 14:41:46 +0000

If you have to access persisted data, of course, you do not have to necessarely use SQL. But in case you do, knowing something about SQL-performance helps.
I just did a this 3-minute test on SQL performance (for Oracle), with 4/5 score. Pretty fine.

The answer I failed was about multi-colomn indices. When you have a index containing multiple columns, if you use one of those columns in a where clause, the index is used. However, the index can only be used efficient if you use at first column.

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Friend of Eclipse

2013-06-26 07:53:46 +0000

I just became friend of Eclipse. The new version Kepler is available for friends of Eclipse, which is a good reason to do something I planned to do before.


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