OpenID from my website

2011-06-23 07:07:03 +0000

A lot of websites now provide a way to authenticate yourself via OpenID. That way, you don't have to remember a separate username and password to login to such a website, while still being secure.
The only challenge in using openid is remembering your openid URL, because there are quite a few possible openid providers. I currently can choose from (amongst others) Google, Yahoo,, and quite a few others. Instead of remembering the username/password you have to remember which openid provider you've used for what account - which I think is the reason other authentication mechanism as facebook's connect are becoming more popular. I'll write about that later, in this page I just want to explain how I made my homepage, an openid provider.
Very simple:

  • My homepage is running Wordpress, a popular open source weblog.
  • There are a lot of plugins for Wordpress, of which one is the openid plugin. By going to the administration screen and then to the section plugins, you can install the openid plugin easily by entering openid in the search box.
  • After installation, setup a default account.
  • Now I can authenticate myself to any site that uses openid, by just entering !

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Slow right click on Windows

2011-06-19 06:12:44 +0000

Besides by Mac laptop I have a Windows desktop at home. Windows 7 is all in all quite a nice OS. However, after using Windows for a while, Windows seems to start degrading. Of course one solution is to reinstall Windows, but that's not exactly a clean solution. I wanted to know the source why Windows seems so slow. Better investigation seems the only problem is the File Explorer, especially when using the context menu/right clicking on a file.
This led me to think some third shell extension for the explorer might be the cause.
After some google'ing I found this nice article: slow right click. In the article a tool is listed: ShellExView. Using this tool you can disable any shell extension that's hooked in the explorer. I disabled all software not coming from Microsoft, and my Windows starting working smoothly again! Of course any overlay icons from for example TortoiseSVN don't work anymore, but that's the whole idea of  these shell extensions. Now I just have to shell extensions one by one to find out what's the actual cause of the slowness, but that's better then reinstalling windows.

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