Google buys Instantiations

2010-08-11 21:51:12 +0200

A while a go I used to do Swing development, and I sometimes used the tool of Instantiations to develop my GUI. I quite liked the tool.
Before that I used Visual Basic and Visual Studio frequently. I never fully understood why people would fiddle so much with pixels, stylesheets, colors etc when you could just design your GUI visually.
Well, Instantiations has GWT design tool as well. I recently tried it out very shortly. The tool looked very nice.
I just recently Google bought Instantiations. Will this mean developer productivity in frontend development is cool again?

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McDonalds running Linux

2010-08-05 21:21:24 +0200

A unix like OS on their video-screens outside, in shopping center Hoog Caterijne, Utrecht. At least something else then those Windows 95/98/NT screens I often see running at terminals, when they've crashed.

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